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Packaging is an often overlooked aspect within our industry, however it is one that BAPP Group Contracts prides itself on.

One of the key reasons for opening our BAPP Asia division was to be able to have tight and rigorous control over all aspects of the packaging of our products that arrive in the UK.

All of our suppliers work in strict adherence to a Purchasing Specification document meticulously laying out precise details of our packaging requirements.


This ‘Purchasing Specification Document’ requires all product to include details of batch traceability, CE markings, colour coding by diameter and other product relevant information.

Suppliers are required to provide BAPP with head markings as laid out in this document whilst maintaining strictly to

the packaging livery and quantity by both pallet and box/bag information details therein.


Our Export department is rightly proud

of its success in shipping goods around the world that arrive with our clients in pristine condition.

All our wooden crates are stamped and supplied with full Fumigation Certification. Each individual pallet is numbered and contains a large, clear, laminated identification docket stapled in a prominent position.


This contains all appropriate product details and client specific information such as Customer P/o number and, where relevant, specific site related information. These labels often also include the client’s logo on them.

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