BAPP are proud to support the LimbBo Foundation, helping Limb Difference children and their families smile.


The LimbBo team set up this foundation with the sole purpose of helping Limb Difference children and their families. We want to create smiles on the faces of kids who despite being unbelievably brave haven't had the easiest start in life and to reassure parents that they are not alone.

BAPP support the charity by helping where they can, supplying fasteners and helping distribute limbBo bikes to families across the UK.


Recently BAPP noticed one delivery address was close to BAPP Mansfield, so Darren Fraser, the Mansfield Branch Manager personally delivered a bike to one lucky child.

The LimbBo Foundation also supply working assistant devices for children who need them (with thanks to Team Unlimbited). Teaching others how to 3D print at home, and work towards developing new prototypes with universities that will aid limb different children in day to day life.


Communities of Limb Difference families can meet up, chat, play together, and create friendships with other people in a similar situation.

Other activities like 'Adventure Days' for Limb Difference children help them to really let their hair down and have the most amount of fun possible!


LimbBo also provide hospitals and information centres with purpose made Limb Difference pamphlets for expectant parents that will help ease their worries by showing them that they are not alone and how incredible these children grow up to be.


For more info and to support the LimbBo foundation please visit:

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