The NORD-LOCK bolt securing system uses geometry to safely lock bolted joints in the most critical applications. This unique wedge-locking system offers the following advantages:


• Maximum safety

• Resists loosening caused by vibration and dynamic loads

• Ease of assembly and disassembly

• Locking function is not affected by lubrication

• Positive locking at low and high preload levels

• Controllable preload

• Same temperature characteristics as standard bolt/nut

• Reusable

Tension makes the bolt

self-locking The key is the difference in angles. Since

the cam angle " a " is larger

than the thread pitch " β ", the pair of washers expand more than the corresponding pitch

of the thread. NORD-LOCK washers positively lock the fastener in a joint which is subjected to extreme vibration

or dynamic loads.

Nordlock Washers

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